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Cheryl L. Crawford

Cheryl L. Crawford

Chief Planning Development Officer

Cheryl Crawford is Kendell Financial Group’s chief planning development officer. On any given day, you’ll find her serving as the point person for our clients, building client plans or coordinating with other professionals and support teams.

Cheryl has spent over 35 years in the finance industry and uses that experience to provide an invaluable service to our clients. She’s personally faced the threat of financial uncertainty and the protection that proper planning and information can provide. Today, her primary focus is on enhancing clients’ financial knowledge and making sure they’re educated about their options.

Before heading to work on Wall Street, Cheryl earned her MBA from the Wharton School of Business and her BBA from the University of Michigan.

Cheryl lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she enjoys the wonderful weather and spending time with family. Outside of work, Cheryl is personally passionate about spiritual health, as well as physical well-being and financial strength. She enjoys staying active by working with her trainer, practicing yoga and swimming. Cheryl gets involved in her community by participating in grass-roots campaigns for her political party and assisting with her homeowners’ association board.