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You’ve Spent Your Life Climbing Up the Mountain

When It’s Time to Descend, Are You Prepared?

Think of Your Life in Two Stages

Climbing the Mountain

Your entire career, you’ve thought diligently about saving for retirement and grown yourself a sizeable nest egg. At this stage in life, you’re ascending the mountain, preparing to reach the summit - a sound retirement.

Descending the Mountain

A time will come when you achieve your goal of entering retirement, reaching the peak of the mountain. When that day comes, it’s time to start descending the mountain - and using your hard-earned assets to fund your work-free lifestyle.

We’ve Found That Descending the Mountain Often Requires a Knowledgeable Guide

Going down should be the easy part, right? Actually, retirement income planning is one of the most under-addressed issues by financial professionals. But without proper planning, all that money you’ve saved up over the years is simply a pile of cash - not income.

We help you address your biggest retirement questions like:

  • How much should I be spending each year?
  • Do I have enough saved up to last my lifetime?
  • What risks could threaten my financial security?

Our Solutions

Our team assists those preparing to climb down the mountain by identifying their goals for retirement, understanding what their ideal lifestyle is and determining how much they need to make it happen. This is done through a personalized Financial Wealth & Health Review, which includes an in-depth Income Distribution Maximization Strategy (IDMS) report.

Together, we’ll develop a strategic budget for retirement based on your current savings, while providing solutions that help mitigate the risks that could impact your retirement.

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